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Professional Speaker

Margaret speaks to a wide variety of audiences on several topics inspiring all of them to take immediate action for a better future!


FIFA Women's World Cup

A FIFA referee representing the USA for 10 years and the only American selected to referee at the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015.

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Accomplished Leader

Margaret desires to share the knowledge gained from numerous leadership roles in a variety of fields and formal training in Organizational Leadership.

About Margaret

Reaching new heights

Change and growth are not easy. That is, in fact, exactly why so many people choose to continue on their current path rather than aim for reaching their full potential even though they have greater desires.

Climbing requires risk. It is impossible to know what lies ahead and the uncertainty tied to the journey toward greatness can seem daunting. But, by taking one step at a time, movement forward begins.

Reaching a pinnacle is not without setbacks. But, it is exactly those setbacks that build the strength needed to continue on the journey with even greater fortitude to reach goals. It is also the steps down unexpected paths that open the doors to previously unknown possibilities.

Let Margaret help guide your journey toward the discovery of your greatest potential!


Topics Are Modified to Meet Your Needs


LLC: Leadership Lessons from the Center Circle

  • Empower leaders at all levels!
  • Build trust - build engagement!
  • Professional audiences.

Live Your Dreams!

  • Journey to the Women's World Cup with Margaret!
  • Inspiration to reach beyond! Courage to dream big!
  • Audiences of all ages. Professionals, students, athletes, etc.

Sportsmanship: Making an Impact

  • Heroes through sport!
  • A brighter future with greater respect!
  • Sports administrators and leaders, parents, athletes.

What Margaret's clients say

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