About Margaret

Informed inspiration.

Margaret's Vision

Margaret is passionate about guiding others to success. She aims to provide information supported by data that will help individuals and organizations to take their next steps forward and continually improve.

Margaret believes that every person holds the power to leave their mark and make an impact on the world around them. It is up to each of us to make the deliberate choice to put this power to good use, and to work through the challenges that will be faced in the process of doing so.

At times, though, we need assistance in understanding our potential or the tools at our disposal to make the desired impacts on the world around us. Margaret provides the insight needed to continue the journey in a meaningful and informed way.

Margaret brings well-researched data and enthusiasm to every presentation. You can count on the audience walking away both informed and inspired!


Margaret has broad experience as an educator and leader. She served in the role of an education director, project manager, and editor for Referee and the National Association of Sports Officials. It was in this role that Margaret developed the National Sports Officiating Survey and led the entirety of the project, which has resulted in the collection of data from 17,487 officials. The results can be viewed online at www.naso.org/survey.

Margaret was also a high school Spanish teacher for 14 years where she created engaging and interactive lessons on a daily basis. She constantly worked to inspire her students to dream big.

Additionally, she has traveled all over the country for instructional purposes, bringing data-supported insights into each of her modules.

Margaret's educational background includes:

  • MSc in progress in Organizational Leadership and Administration.
  • MSc in progress in Information Design and Strategy with a specialization in Data Science and Analytics.
  • BS with majors in English, Spanish, and Secondary Education.
  • Technical Diploma in progress in Front-End Web Development.

Sports and officiating have always been an integral part of Margaret's life.

Margaret has traveled all over the world as a FIFA referee from 2007-2017. The highlight of her career was participation in the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015. She has been officiating for a total of 26 years. From these experiences, she has learned a great deal about managing people and leadership.

She played soccer in college and was the team captain and an NCAA First Team All-America recipient. She also participated in a variety of sports throughout her childhood and in high school.

Margaret     Domka